North Survival Plan 2014-2015



The band is # 1 in the state. We have an excellent band director. You have to practice at home and at your private lesson once a week.


They have a very strong team. The teams practice every day. 7th grade meets before school. 8th grade meets after school. They were City Champs.


NO the school does not give you a Laptop. The school could not get everyone laptops ,but they gave everyone an iPad. If you have a laptop, you may bring it.


We are not going to have lockers next year at school. We are going to carry our backpack around school. We will get furniture and cubbies. We will get to work in the hallway, and it will be fun.

Group Work

You will have to learn how to work in a group. In science we do a lot of group work in labs. Everyone takes their turn. Then, we turn in one project as a group.