Colonial Medicine

Cheyann Huang

What would happen if you were sick?

If you were sick in colonial times your mother would make you go to bed, then she would try to make you feel better. Then she would think of some kind of medicine to give you. But she would make you stay in bed as well. that's what mom would do.

What kinds of medicine did people use?

In colonial days people would use different kinds of ingredients for medicine like: herbs, ground-up roasted toads, and chervil. They would use lots more ingredients to make different medicines and tea.

Were there doctors in colonial days?

There were doctors in colonial days, but not many. The doctors thought a good way to heal them was to bleed them. They would cut open a vein in your arm and let the blood flow. If the sick man or women was not healed they would blame the witches. In colonial days the people believed in witches. that's what a doctor would do.