Trumpeter Swans

The Trumpeter Swan is a magnificent water fowl,it is the largest and rarest swan. Did you know that this bird is an endangered species in Alberta. Elk Island National Park has been doing a reintroduction program,and expects that the number of these swans will increase throughout the years. Do YOU want to help this creature flourish in our environment?
The Trumpeter Swan

Problems Faced By Trumpeter Swans

A few of the many reasons Trumpeter Swans are endangered:

  • Accidental shooting- Swans are often mistaken for Snow geese
  • Electrocution from powerlines-Many swans fly into powerlines which causes electrocution
  • Loss of Habitat -Development in wetlands minimizes the space left for the swans

Helping the Swans

There are many ways to help this species:

  • Swans are very sensitive to disturbance; if you stumble upon their habitat least amount of commotion should be cause.
  • Many organizations out there need your help and support!
  • Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society
  • Elk Island National Park
  • Alberta Wilderness Association