Figurative Language

By: Ava Grieshop

Literal Meanings

Figurative Meanings


Definition: any reference to a famous person or event in life of literature

Example: "He's a real Romeo with the ladies." This is an allusion because it refers to the literature Romeo and Juliet, which is a love story, meaning that he is very romantic.


Definition: the humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest different meanings or of words having the same sound but different meanings (homophones)

Example: I was wondering how lightning works. Then it struck me. This is a pun because the person was thinking of how lightning works and lightning works by strikes or flashes and it struck him of how it works.


Definition: the use of words that mean the opposite of what someone really intends or predicts

Example: Phone out of service? Give us a call. This is ironic because your phone is broken so you can't call!


Definition: a combination of opposite words

Example: Freezer Burn. This is an oxymoron because a freezer is cold which is the opposite of a burn which is hot


Definition: a phrase or expression used so often that it becomes old

Example: Thinking outside of the box. This is a cliche because everyone knows what this means because it has been used many times.

Short Story

“Ava, remember you have a dentist appointment after school today at 2:30!” yelled my Mom as I walked out the door to catch the bus.

“More like tooth-hurty,” I thought as a walked on to the big yellow bus that would bring me to my last day at school in Minster. Last time I went to the dentist, my mouth was sore for a week! It was only the middle of April, but my Dad got a new job in Chicago. It was going to be a big change for me though because I live in a small town and Chicago is probably 3 times the size of it. Since we are leaving tomorrow, are whole house was all picked and ready to move out so I had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor last night.

When I arrived at school Hannah, Alice and Lily, my 3 best friends, all rushed up to me and showered me with hugs. I was so happy, but then I realized that they were only hugging me because it was my last day at Minster. The day raced passed and soon the clock was my enemy. I had so much planned to do and say, and now there was only an hour left before I had to leave for my dentist appointment. So, I decided to make this hour the best one of my entire life. First, I quickly distributed all of my end of the year cards to all of my teachers. Then I rushed up to Alice and said, “Alice, since this is my last hour here I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me over the past few years. Also, make sure to FaceTime me every week at the very LEAST!”

“I will!” Alice giggled back.

Then I went up to Hannah and Lily and gave the exact same speech. They both promised to FaceTime me every week as well! Finally, it was 2:30. I gave everyone hugs and they all surprised me with a gigantic card that wished me luck in Chicago.

I hopped into the car and immediately my mom asked me, “How was your last day at Minster!”

“Good! All my friends gave me a million hugs and my entire grade bought me a big card with all their signatures on it! I’m just a little sad to leave them forever.”

“Oh sweetie, you will feel some sadness, but don’t worry, we can have them over once in awhile at our new house in Chicago,” my mom said as we pulled into the driveway of the dentist office.

After we got out of the dentist office and my mouth was hurting like crazy, we started to head home. When we got home I got home I loaded all of my stuff into the car and looked one last time at our empty house. “Man, I’m gonna miss this place a lot,” I said silently.

On our way to Chicago we passed a sign that read, “Congradulations Spelling Bee Winners!”

“Haha how ironic!” I laughed.

When we arrived at our apartment in Chicago, I took one look inside and gasped. “This is pretty ugly Mom, we have a lot of work to do,” I said.

“I know. We will work on it over the summer when your dad is of for summer break,” Mom said.

Then, I took a look around the city and almost started feeling dizzy. “I feel like Alice in Wonderland. This is like moving to a whole new world!” I thought in my head, “I know I will never fit in or make any friends.”

Then, out of the blue, comes a little girl about my age wearing a blue tunic and white jean shorts. She walked up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Mary. I live right above you in our apartment. I saw coming and I just wanted to say hi.”

“Hi I’m Ava!” I said as I shook her hand, “ You don’t know how relieved I am to know I have a friend. I was really worried no one would be my friend.”

“Well, now you will always know you have a friend right next door. Literally!” Mary giggled.

“Ava, supper time!” my mom called from the distance.

“Ok gotta go see you tomorrow at school?” I said.

“Totally! Bye!” Mary said as she walked away.

When I walked into the apartment my mom and dad were staring at me from the floor where we were having dinner. “Everything ok honey?” my mom asked.

“Yes, everything’s just perfect!” I smiled as I sat down to join them.


Tooth-Hurty (pun)

Clock was my enemy (cliche)

Congradulations Spelling bee Winnners (irony)

Pretty ugly (oxymoron)

Alice in Wonderland (allusion)