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What does Transparent mean?

Having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen.

Simple meaning- You can see right through the transparent object or substance.

Transparent objects are clear!

For example, materials like air, water, and clear glass are called transparent. When light encounters transparent material, almost all of the light passes directly through it. Glass, for example, is transparent to all visible light. The color of a transparent object depends on the color of light it transmits. If green light passes through a transparent object, the emerging light is green; similarity if a red light passes through a transparent object, the emerging light is red.
Why aren't all objects transparent?

-For an object to be transparent, the light must be emitted in the same direction with the same wavelength as initially. When light strikes a brick, some is reflected in other directions, and the rest is re-emitted in longer, non-visible wavelengths. That is why a brick is opaque to visible light.

What is the difference between white objects and transparent objects as far as photons are concerned?

-A white object indeed absorbs photons, since you can't make light pass through. It is white because the absorbed photons are re-emitted and the absorption/re-emission process efficiency is more or less the same for all the visible wavelength: red light is re-emitted with the same rate as blue light. Of course the object will look white as long as you are illuminating it with white light. BUT, some material can be both transparent and white.

Take a cloud for instance. Clouds can be pretty white, but they consist entirely of transparent water droplets.

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