Improving Race Relations

Gavin Heinz

Slavery In America

Slavery began when European merchants started the triangular trade. the triangular trade was a three way trade with the new world, Africa, and Europe. slave ships were ships that carried slaves to ship them to the new world where most slaves were traded too. So many slaves were needed because new stuff was coming along in the new world they needed people to do it for them. Most of the slaves were needed in the south because they a lot of land for farming. Slavery was affected by the invention of the cotton gin because the cotton gin made it a lot easier for slaves to separate the seeds from the cotton and there was a stronger need for slaves.

Slaves in America were treated poorly. A typical day for slaves i wake up early in the morning eat breakfast then they have to be in the farm by a certain time once they get in the farm they start working in the farm or were their slaves need to work they work till about 2:00 am go to bed and wake up at 6:00 am that is a typical slave day. Slaves were punished in a very cruel way if they didn't do something right or talk back to their owner or get caught reading or writing they were sometimes tied up and whipped several several times with a leather whip. The slaves where not allowed to go to school because the white people didn't want them to learn about how to rebel because they didn't want the slaves to rebel slavery. They were also not allowed to attend church. They were not allowed even though many of them did anyways. They were allowed to have kids but only with the master because those babies became slaves too when they grew older. If the slaves tried to run away and were caught there punishments were REALLY BAD if they were caught they would get toes cut off ears cut off or even feet cut off.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the united states with the 13th amendment to the U.S. constitution. IN 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the signing of the declaration of independence took place. In 1776 the society of friends also known as the Quakers says known of the members can have slaves. 1777, Vermont is the first of the 13 colonies to stop all slavery in their state.1780 a freedom clause in the Massachusetts constitution is interpreted as an abolishment of slavery. Massachusetts enfranchises all men regardless of race. Abe Lincoln wanted to stop slavery from growing i don't think he hated it at first but then he began to hate it more and more. The reason Lincoln made it a war to end slavery is because he didn't want other countries to join against them.

The Treatment of Slaves-Bryan Lee


there are still racial tensions in America today. One problem about racial problems today is cops. Some cops still don't like black people so when black people get into trouble they choke them or even shoot them for no reason. In school some teachers may not treat the black students with respect because of their skin color. If the black people try to get a job the boss may not accept him/her because they are black. Why do these tensions still exist 150 years after the 13th amendment made slavery illegal. It is difficult to forget our country history of slavery is because the white people were so mean to them. They were way to cruel with there punishments. The one idea i have to improve race relations in America is to make all the people take a test if they don't get a certain score on that test they have to take a class for it. The questions on the test would ask what would you do in certain situations involving race. If the people don't get a certain score they will take a class and that class will talk about race relations and teach them about it so hopefully they see all race as equal.
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