¨Caudillos¨to the¨presidencialismo¨


  • The precident Venustiano Carranza had the resonability to inagurate and to have the new goverment on motion.
  • Carranza fought all the revolutionists like Emiliano Zapato, governers etc.
  • An armed took Carranza by surprice. Carranza had to abandon the capital and died murderd.
  • During the six mounths that De La Huerta govend he solved lots of conflixs and pacify some of the problems mexico had.
  • Do the good work of De La Huerta the Mexicans revoted for De La Huerta.
  • Alvaro Lopez Obregon was president of Mexico from 1920 to 1924 and founded important institutions like the SEP in 1921.
  • He was reelected in 1928. Before he took posession Obregon was murderd.
  • Pultario Elias Calles in his goverment he proposed make reforms for Mexico can get a better economic development and social.
  • Calles created ¨El banco de Mexico¨ (mexico´s bank) in 1925 and stablished negosations with other foreign governments for a better benefit of Mexico.
  • After the precidensial of Obregon he kept ifluencing on the goverment between 1929 to 1934. This period was called "Maximato".
  • To strenth the goverment and end the armed rebellion by the precidency of the republic Calles to political and millitary leaders creating a political group.
  • In 1929 "Partido Nacional Revolucionaria" (PNR) was founded. Many unions and organizations from different sectors of society sharpened him.
  • In 1938 the group was reformed and settle by four sectors (workers, peasants, popular, and millitary) and was called Partido de la revolucion mexicana (PRM).
  • In 1946 the politic group had and other transformation and actualy has the name of Partido Revolucionario Institucion (PRI).
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