Scrooge Meets Santa

“Bah” Scrooge said “Humbug”.”If you believe this Santa Clause is real then why don’t you pack up your items and head for the north pole, maybe take The Polar Express”. The little kid he was talking to (couldn’t have been more than 5) ran off crying.

It was Christmas eve and Santa was watching scrooge very closely.

” Um, Santa the leader board posted on the back wall”. Santa walks over to the back wall.”

He’s naughty again” Santa mumbles”Scrooge just for one Christmas get off the top 10 naughtiest people list".

Scrooge walked back to his house, the one he only goes to after work. When Dick, Scrooge's brother, walked out in front of him. Dick, right in front of Scrooge, accidentally swung his arm around and hit Scrooge." Of course you you gave me a bloody nose before I go home" Scrooge snaps. He gets home about 9 o'clock, he moves toward his fire and lights the fire.

"Mr.Scrooge" says a mysterious voice from behind him. Scrooge turns around and sees Santa Clause. Scrooge, taking a step toward Santa, tripped and fell into the chair next to him.

" Who are you, never mind just get out!"

"If you can help me, you will have a nice Christmas."

"Who are you" Scrooge repeated.

" I am Santa Clause"

To be continued