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Filling the Gaps: Why more wifi will improve A&M

The Hulk sums it up pretty nicely. Its getting hard to live without wifi especially for college students.

Which begs the question why even try?

Don't you feel like you deserve to have wifi all the time?

We agree! Which is why part of our proposal is to install wifi extenders.

Don't really know what a wifi extender is and too lazy to go to wikipedia your self?

Here's a link!


Wifi extenders are nifty devices that extend and strengthen existing wifi hot spots.

Wifi Improves Academia

The life of a university student is busy, and our schedules are always changing. Today you might be using your free time after class your morning class to catch up on some notes you missed while sick yesterday and this time next week you might be using the same free time to collaborate with your project team on that proposal that's due in an HOUR! your success as students is reliant on you being able to use these bits of free time productively. While what you might need to do in that free time might vary greatly, it will almost certainly rely on having a connection to the internet.

If you can't get wifi where ever you are then you'll have to go somewhere where you can get access to wifi, or even worse you'll have to find a static work station. The horror! In either case you'll have to spend precious time getting there. Which is why its important that wifi is available where ever whenever you'll need it.

Wifi Improves Happiness

Wifi makes you happy or at the very least not having wifi makes you unhappy. Your happiness should be your own personal goal so supporting improving the wifi on campus is in your own interests. It's also in the university's interest because happy students are productive students and happy productive students are the kinds that get good grades, land awesome jobs and donate money to their alumni matter. Everybody wins!