Monster high 4

Back and deader than ever! by Lisa Harrison

The Review

''I decided to read this book because I liked the Monster High animated shorts online. If you decide the same thing, be forewarned that the book is nothing like the shorts. I knew this going in, but I still kept trying to force what I knew about the shorts into this book. Having said that, I really liked this book. It does a great job of standing on its own. I liked going back and forth between Frankie and Melody's p.o.v. I also liked most of the characters. Some were annoying as heck, though. I wished there was more background on the history of the RADs (a name that isn't really believeable by the way): how long they've been around, how they've interacted with humans, etc. Hopefully, there will be more background in the future books. I have to admit I hated the brand dropping that occured throughout the book. It was actually distracting in some parts, but I can't really blame the book. After all, it's based on a line of fashion dolls so, of course, designer brands are going to be important.''


If I were to pick a song for this book I would pick Monster Mash,because every character is a monster. RWAR!!!

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Guaranteed to entertain you!

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Michelle Te Weehi

Monster Mash by Michelle Te Weehi


All the drama, All the action starts at monster High! If you love high school drama you should read this book.

Brief Overview

This book is about, high school but this isn't just ordinary school this has monsters for students and teachers! It talks about what life or unlife would be like if we were all monsters in high school.

Personal Review

while i was reading i noticed the characters and i have nothing in common because they love gossip and they read magazines. what i liked about this book is the type of drama that goes on because it is similar to real school problems.