Styrofoam Hotwire Cutting

The Diverse Usage of Styrofoam Hotwire Cutting Method

Styrofoam hotwire cutting

device is used to cut polystyrene type foamed materials. When the hot wire is passed through the polystyrene, the heat successfully vaporizes prior to make and give a thoroughly clean and straight cut. Styrofoam hotwire cutters make smooth and neat edges in foamed materials that cannot be repeated by using saw or a knife.

Styrofoam hotwire cutters use heated wire to cut foam in various shapes. They are often operated digitally and highly precise tools adapted for applications in a range of different industries including insulation, house building, boat and aircraft manufacturing, architectural moldings and film set construction.

Hotwire foam cutter made of a tight and thin stainless steel metal wire. There are numerous types of Styrofoam hotwire cutters available that widely vary in their usage. Such as;

  • A basic and very simple hand-held cutter made of a wire attached with a handle. The wire is manually led through the larger piece of foam to cut out any required free-form style.
  • For more accurate foam cutting or for bigger items a table foam cutter is often used. A foam-cutting table comes with either a horizontal or a vertical wire with vise-like guides to sport the foam in place as it is moved. Generally vertical cutters are useful for the creation of complex and small forms. While horizontal cutters used for long and even cuts that is more suitable for making customized packaging.
  • Architectural molding styrofoam hotwire cutting are used in the creation of stage-play and movie sculpture molds, surfboard manufacturing, model aircraft wing construction and various other props.

Some Benefits of Styrofoam Hotwire Cutters

  • The most durable and high quality foam cuter is known as hard coated polyurethane foam. Use a hard and organic layer to all your foam products, specifically if you plan to use them in external tasks to create specific finishes and professional designs. This will also help you to attract repeat customers. In the market, coating is known as "screeding" and requires a special type of mortar to add a stylish finish to foam.

  • Various people believe that Styrofoam cutters must be used in highly operated indoor environments but with sufficient safety protection, you can work outside to ensure that you make the most appropriate foam cuts for your desired task. This method is useful for construction professionals and designers who often construct outdoors. Several companies have developed an external hydraulic coating method specifically for outside construction projects.

  • One of the most sophisticated and advanced Styrofoam cutter work in a digital format that has specific type of micro-processors and can be controlled from other location via computer. The digital process makes it possible for you to keep a very safe and secure working atmosphere during cutting the foam because the temperature goes up too high. Operating the foam cutting through a computer also helps you to get a high quality cutting stability on a number of different tasks and 3 side visual images.

  • The latest hotwire cutters have added benefits on other hotwire cutters while you are using the perfect procedures. You can design programs and adjust it on a computer clip art as patterns for the cutter. In that case you have no need to purchase costly images or complex paper or wood patterns. About 500 similar items can run for a single design, as defined by manufacturer of Styrofoam hotwire cutting. Their experts also suggest that you pack your foam sheets tightly together to support the creation procedure so as to boost the cutting speed.
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