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English III

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Listed below are the rules and procedures that will be used in this classroom for the entire academic year. These rules and procedures have been designed in order to ensure a safe and prosperous classroom environment for the members of the classroom (students and teacher). Please review these rules and procedures and the consequences for breaking them. It is required that you acknowledge that you and your parents have read and accepted these rules by sending this pages document to from a parent email.

Title this next section, "Rules and Procedures:". Then, copy & paste the list below (as-is) and create a numbered list.

  1. Students will use appropriate language and behavior at all times. Profanity, violence, disrespect, and/or disruptiveness of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  2. Students will arrive to class on time and will be in their designated seats when the bell rings.
  3. Students will come to class prepared and ready with their: books, homework, pen, paper, etc.
  4. Students will come to class ready to give their full attention and participate to the best of their abilities.
  5. Students will act respectfully and cordially during any classroom discussion. The right to your own opinion is important and will be upheld in this classroom.
  6. Students will abide by the rules of the school (detailed in their student handbook on page 4).

NOTE: The teacher reserves the right to designate punishment for any act not found above that could be deemed as inappropriate.

Title this next section, "Consequences:". Then, copy & paste the list below (as-is) and create a numbered list.

If a student breaks any of the above rules/procedures, a four move policy will be followed.

  1. Student will be given a verbal warning to stop.
  2. Parents will receive an e-mail detailing the offence and consequences.
  3. Student will be written a detention and will serve said detention.
  4. Student will be written a referral and sent to the dean’s office for further disciplinary action.

NOTE: The teacher reserves the right to skip any of these steps depending on the severity of the situation.

Title this next section, "Absences/Tardy Policy:". Then, copy & paste the list below (as-is) and create a numbered list.

  1. If a student misses class, they are required to provide an excused absence from the dean’s office. Students will be given the amount of time they were absent to complete any work they may have missed. (Example: Absent Monday and Tuesday, work due on Friday). NOTE: If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, the assignment is STILL due on that day. It is the student’s responsibility to find a way to turn the assignment in on time.
  2. If a student is late to class without a pass from a teacher or the dean’s office, then they will be marked, “tardy”. If a student is more than ten minutes late without a pass, they will not be admitted to class and will be sent to the dean’s office.

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To receive credit, read-over the pages document with your parents, and then email it to me ( from a PARENT email. Your MLA formatted Rules and Procedures are due by Monday, August 19th.