Pershall Periodical

All Things 4th Grade!

Flying By!

This first 9 weeks has flown by! I hope your family is enjoying this change in weather. This monthly newsletter will inform you of what is upcoming for our kiddos and what to expect next.


These next few weeks we are focusing on 2 digit multiplication. This is a tough one for most students and as a 4th grade team we like to really focus in on teaching the steps and processes to working it out.

In reading, we are learning about Text Structures. This is teaching kids about how to organize their writing in different and unique ways. For example, they will learn about cause and effect, descriptions, sequencing, etc. After this week, we will move on and begin learning about Explorers.

Daily 5 is helping your students build independent self-monitoring skills. They are learning to read and write about anything they choose. They are getting MUCH better at working independently.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be coming home on October 31st. Spooky! Attached to this newsletter is my own explanation of our grading scale. I know that it can get confusing with all those numbers. This 1st nine weeks, you should not expect your children to be getting all high marks. As a teacher, I try to encourage students to not stress about the grades right now and to focus on learning the skill. For example, little Mickey Mouse knows multiplication but still needs reminders on the steps or the process. That's OK! So, please don't worry when your A+ student is still in the learning phase. :)

Lunch with the Teacher

Friday, Oct. 25th, 12:45pm

Miss Pershall Classroom

For students who have purchased "Lunch with the Teacher" with their Dojo points, we will be having lunch THIS friday in my room.