The Longest Ride

By: Britni Danielle Monroe

Nickelback- I'd come for you

I believe this song fits well because he was in a rodeo accident and she had something very important to be at. But she still went to be by his side.

Thomas Rhett- Make me wanna

I think this song fits perfectly! When they went on there first date it was like it was meant to be. They go on there date and everything is going great but then when it starts raining something bad happens.

Frankie Ballard- Young and Crazy

This song fits well for that character Luke. He is a bull rider that has had many accidents. He's living with his mom and has to make money for them to live. He doing this for the money. The doctor tells him he needs to stop before he dies. His mother tells him that also. Lets just say he doesn't listen

Montgomery Gentry- Where I come from

He takes her back home to see his farm and meet his mother. He explains a few thing about of they life. ( A part I won't give away) They go riding horses and a few other things. They are racing each other back to the house on foot but then something funny happens. It will keep you on your toes.

Tracy Lawrence- Paint me a birmingham

I believe this song fits the older man perfectly and his late wife. The way he talked about her and the way Sophia read the letters to him in the doctors office. They had a love for each other that was one in a life time. They were meant to be. He cant ready very well but he does tell a bunch of stories.