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Fortinbras, the allusion story...

Fortinbras is an allusion to Shakespeare, because Shakespeare wrote about a loyal man named Fortinbras, who avenged his father in Hamlet, a play by Shakespeare. On page 37, the book states, "At the edge of the woods, Fortinbras stood in front of a boy, barking furiously.". This proves that Fortinbras is loyal, barking at strangers that could be harmful. Fortinbras from Shakespeare was loyal, trying to kill Hamlet's father since he killed Fortinbas' father.

Camazots, an area that is so forbidden most humans don't know about it!

Camazots is controlled by The Dark Thing, a man with red eyes and a brain. This man's red eyes symbolize hate, anger, rage, or blood. Also, this man has the power to turn people evil. For example, on page 140, the book says, "But Charles Wallace continued his slow walk forward, and she knew that he had not heard her. This is not Charles Wallace Meg thought."

The Impossible Fight...... Man vs. Supernatural Forces!!!

The conflict is man vs. supernatural forces. A supernatural force is a god or a mythological creature, like a dragon or a mermaid. The Dark Thing counts as a supernatural force because it is from nature and it has the qualities of a monster. On page 83, Meg asks,"That Dark Thing we saw, is that what my father is fighting?", and Ms. Which answers, "Yes.". This is important because Meg finds out where her dad is, and she has been looking for him for a few years.