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September Art Studio Updates

A Note from Ms. Chroneos

Dear caregivers,

I am looking forward to the 2023-2024 year in art class with your children! I am hopeful that it will be a year of joy and creativity. Please see below for a few updates and optional ways to connect with me.


Ms. Chroneos

What's Happening In...

K-2 Learning Goals:

I can make an "oops" into something new.

I can learn what a sketchbook is.

I can use a variety of mark-making materials.

I can learn about proper painting procedures.

3-5 Learning Goals:

I can transform a mistake into something new.

I can learn what a sketchbook is.

I can finish & refine my "oops" picture.

I can use non-traditional mark-making materials.

I can learn about watercolor procedures.


Each grade level will listen to the book Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg;

Ish and The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and reflect on strategies to remedy or

embrace mistakes in art class. My hope is that each these lessons will help

students begin to feel that their inevitable wobbly lines or (accidentally)

splattered paint are things that make their artworks uniquely their own.

K-2: Beautiful Oops & Sketchbook Covers

Students in K-2 transformed a "mistake" into something new for their sketchbook covers!
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Doodle of the Week: A Fruit Dance Party

Grades 3-5 have warmed up their drawing skills with silly doodle prompts at the beginning of art class. These elicited both giggles at and pride in their quick but sweet drawings.
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Reminder: Art is Messy

Art can get messy! It might be best to make sure your student(s) do not wear their very best or favorite clothing on art days. I will be mindful of picture days or special event days in planning curriculum. See below for your student's art day! This day may change after our move to the new Lowell building.
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Introduce Yourself (Optional)

If you have any information you would like to share with me about your child, or would just like to connect/say hello, feel free to click the picture below and fill out this completely optional form.

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Artist of the Month: Sandra Cinto

Sandra Cinto is a Brazilian contemporary artist, known for her sculpture, drawing, paintings, and installations. Born in Santo Andre, Brazil in 1968; Cinto is currently living and working in São Paulo, Brazil. Cinto's artwork mixes installations, paintings, and detailed pen drawings.

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