the fall and the making of america

the begining of america

America was first owned by the English while new France was by the French. these two were enemies from the beginning. but the French did not want to challenge them because they knew that the English were much stronger then them. so the French wanted war with the Spanish to get more power to defeat the English. but what happened was that that other countries tried to help the Spanish including the English.

english and the british.

since the French lost the British took over new France. making a new enemy they started the war of 1812, the Americans wanted more land from the British so they started a war with them. but kept it only beteen them not having the home country come to help them. They had war in the sea and almost always the americans lost the war in the sea. When they had war on land the americans almost alwaysy still lost. Another thing that happend was that at the end of the war the victory was the canadians because they did not really have any help from there home countryand they won as a country making it the victory for themslves.

The outcome of the war

Since the canadians won as a country the outcome was for them to gain more power as a country. Another thing was that they then did not need to use there home country so now days we are slowly drifting away from them making canada more indpendent from a country. Finaly that they gained more land because the americans lost the war making the winning country gain more land then the americans.

13 colonies

The Thirteen colonies were created because of the french because they wanted to gain more power then the british. The thirteen colonies even went in america. This lead to having taxes benefited to them, it lead to making money for there home country. It had also lead to the boston tea party because of the silly taxes. It is where average citizens dressed up like natives at night and attacking a boat full of tea because tea is a part of the tax, the atack made all the silly taxes gone.

Independence Day

Independence Day was made because America because they became separated from there home country. The reason why was because they did not want to be apart of here home country since the home country wanted a profit out of all of the money they have spent so what they did was they made taxes on anything they could do. So what had happened was the Americans did not like the idea so they became independent from there home country making them an independent country.


Loyalists are the people who stay on one side and don't change sides. Loyalists uasualy get something out of being on a certain team making it better to be on a certain team. Some times if you are not a loyalist or if you are on the defending side the loyalist sometimes used to attack you. Another thing was that sometimes people did not want to be one but they were forced yo though.


Patriots are people who want America to win so what they did was they wanted "fought" against the loyalists. on both teams people died. if you were not on a side you would hurt until you were on there side. some of these people did not want to be on any ones side but they had to in order to not get hurt. if you were a patriot you got things out of this making it better to be a patriot but loyalist also got something out of it.