Camden County Schools

Shout Outs!

Grandy Primary School

Saving Lives!

Shout out to Candice Beckner! She did a fantastic job organizing the blood drive Friday in honor of Kaylee Rios and Cayla Williams. They met (or exceeded) their goal, collecting 41 units of blood!
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Litter Pick Up

Last week all of the first grade classes went around the school and community park and picked up litter as part of the keep Camden clean. Mrs. Markham's and my class will sing a litter clean up song in front of the county commissioners on Monday.

Research Maps

Shout out to the kindergarten students who worked very hard on their research maps and Keva planks in their nurturing groups!

Camden Intermediate School

Math 24 Competition

Shout out to the 4th and 5th grade students who competed in the Math 24 Competition and congratulations to Emma Narron, the highest scorer from CIS!

Solar System Projects

Shout out to Mrs. Stanley's class who did an awesome job on their solar system projects!

Soil and Water Conservation Poster Winners

Shout out to the 4th and 5th grade students who were winners in the Soil and Water Conservation Poster Contest! The students were treated to lunch and an awards ceremony sponsored by the Pasquotank-Camden Extension Offices.
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Camden Middle School

Medieval Projects

Shout out to the CMS students who completed awesome projects on the medieval period!

Skype with Avi!

Shout out to Mrs. DeBrito and her class for participating in a Skype with famous author Avi! The seventh grade students are reading Avi's novel, Crispin: The Cross of Lead.
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Camden County High School

Breakout Boxes

Shout out to Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Heath for collaborating using Breakout boxes to teach in the areas of Physics, Physical Science and Biology! Thanks to the Camden Education Foundation providing the grant to "Breakout from Ordinary Instruction" with a focus on STEM!

Spring Vocal Assessment

Shout out to Mr. Whitehurst and the CCHS Chorus for completing a vocal assessment. The assessment was sent to music educators throughout the state for feedback.

Camden County Schools

CCES Conference

Shout out to Mrs. Jacocks and the data management team for attending the CCES conference in Greensboro, NC!
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Happy Easter!

Shout out to Amy Burnham and Sheila Sawyer for making the men's room at Central Office more... "festive."
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