Dragon News - 10.19.20

Principal's Message

This week ISB will host a virtual visit by a team representing the International Baccalaureate Organization. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday a team of four educators from the US and Canada will meet with school and district staff, students, and parents/guardians, as well as visit classes in Zoom. The IB visit is part of the reauthorization process for our Middle Years and Diploma Programs and marks the culmination of a full year self-study. Normally the visiting team spends the better part of three days in our building, but like so many other things . . . we are adapting! Thank you to the students and family members who agreed to participate in one of the community panels. I look forward to sharing with you the feedback from our evaluation. It will be used to guide the next five years of school improvement.


Jill O'Neill

Science Fair

While ISB will not be hosting it's annual STEM Expo this year, participating in a science fair is a great way to explore a science or engineering topic that interests you, share your passion for science with others, and earn an opportunity to compete in our district and statewide fairs and for high schoolers, the international ISEF fairs, too. All science fairs will be in a virtual format this year.

ISB 6th-8th grade students can fill out this form to sign up. Check out the Middle School Science Expo website to learn more. ISB 9th-12th grade students should contact Mrs. Yee.

National Strategic Language Institute for Youth (NSLI-Y)

NSLI-Y is a free opportunity to study a language abroad in an immersion-style experience. Languages include Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Turkish. For the past 10 years, ISB students have been selected to study over the summer in Jordan, India, Russia, China, and Korea. Two ISB alumni even took a gap year before college to continue their NSLI-Y language learning experience by spending their year after high school abroad in China and Korea. It truly is an amazing opportunity for our students. The first step to being a global citizen is to be open-minded and embracing cultures that are unfamiliar to you. Funded by the US State Department, NSLI-Y provides a chance to do that via immersion language learning.

The deadline to submit an application is November 5th, and a teacher recommendation will be required. Eligible applicants must be US citizens, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and have a birthdate between July 10, 2002 and June 10, 2006. For more information, please visit the NSLI-Y website.

This program is not sponsored or endorsed by the Beaverton School District or the International School of Beaverton.

Too Many Canvas Notifications?

Are you overwhelmed by update notifications from Canvas? Did you know that you can control their frequency through Canvas settings? Instead of getting an email for every single announcement you can choose to get a daily email for all announcements that day. Follow this link, Changing Notifications in Canvas, to see how you can do it.

Now Students Can Check Out Library Books

Good news! The library can now start taking requests for library book check outs. Books are available from ISB's library only. At this time there are no Inter-Library Loans.

Watch this video to learn how to place a hold for a book in Destiny, the ISB library book catalog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dI4j9c_Tac&t=2s

Once a book is ready for a student, they will receive an email from Audrey Schiefelbein. Pick-up days and times are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. When students arrive they can call the school's phone number and tell the office staff they are picking up a library book.


District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

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