Staying Safe At Sea

Athena West

About SSAS & Our Goal

Approximately 13,000 people die at sea each year, and that is far too many lives being lost due to not being safe on board. The SSAS Foundation (Staying Safe at Sea) helps teach all travelers the basics of being protected. When people become lost at sea, it tears apart families, keeping them wondering if their loved one will ever return. We provide lessons by the water, and also have videos you can watch from your very own home, showing you how to stay secure. If you are ever feeling apprehensive towards these waves, just contact the SSAS Foundation, and you will be free from danger.

Our goal is to save lives of those who are out at sea, minimizing the amount of deaths and injuries that occur each year. So many families are being separated just because so many do not know how to stay safe. By attending one of our classes or watching one of our lessons, you are keeping yourself sheltered, no matter where you are.

About The Creator

Sophie is a thirteen year old girl who lives in the countryside. Her "mule-self begged a place aboard a forty-five-foot sailboat with a motley crew: three uncles and two cousins" (4) , to visit her grandfather, Bompie. However, being near the sea causes some anxiety for her because it is how her parents passed away. The harsh waves that took them left Sophie all alone, eventually to be adopted by her current family. Although it is frightening, she feels sailing is just something she needs to do, bringing her closer with the ones she loves.

Background on the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is where Sophie sails through when boating from Connecticut to the coast of England. This covers about approximately 41,105,000 square miles, which is 20% of the Earth. It is the second largest ocean, behind the Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic provides many natural resources, as well as the home of much wild life of many sizes and variety. Unfortunately many of these species are endangered and quickly dying out. Visits to the ocean are thrilling, but the land is our home and it is key for us to stay safe and stay there.

Inspiration for SSAS

This piece of nature is so important to Sophie because she feels as though the ocean is a part of her. In general, she has a connection to the water, and not just the Atlantic Ocean. However, the Atlantic is especially special to her because it is where her first sailing trip occurred, which will always have a place in her heart. Before this trip, her father claimed that "'there are things you just have to do. I think this might be one of those things for Sophie,'" (13). Especially after her parent's tragic death in the ocean, she must always keep the sea with her. Although she still loves her adopted family, it is important to still never forget about the ones who first raised you as a baby and who originally helped her become the person that she is today.

The ocean influences Sophie's life because it is where she spent a part of her life, it is her passion, and is what she enjoys learning about the most. According to Sophie, her mother "is the one who gives me (her) sailing textbooks and makes me (her) study water safety," (4). Sometimes learning new things can be very difficult, but if it about a topic that you love, you will not mind. Her main journey across the Atlantic took several weeks where all the crew members had to be constantly working, and barely had any time for a solid rest. Since she adores sailing and the water so much, she actually enjoyed it all because being at sea is what she had been looking forward to practically her whole entire life. All in all, the sea is really apart of her life because it is where she feels the best, which is how it influences her life.

Sophie was dedicated into creating this program because she does not want anyone to go through what she went through. Although her parent's death occurred when she was just a young child, losses of family members can really happen at any age. This event caused depression for a couple of years, and still affects her today. Not only is she trying to prevent your family's safety, she always wants to make sure that you are staying cautious. By participating in SSAS, it will cause everyone to stay much more safe and alive.

Call To Action

Joining the SSAS is a simple way to save lives of those who enjoy, or perhaps want to enjoy the sea. Most of our Earth contains water and although it seems intimidating, it's dangers should not hold people back from sailing or being in the water. To prevent these fears from taking over, become a member of this foundation. The SSAS can teach you many different ways on how to be safe when at shore and can answer any questions you have about the sea. No matter where you live or how much experience you have join the SSAS Foundation now. One click of a button can guarantee a safe trip across the ocean blue and create wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime.