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What about the Ban of Online sales of E Cigarettes?

Though the world is advancing at a fast pace in terms of technologically but the mindset of the people is still of the 1950’s. I think this because the government is going on banning things that have the potential to change the world. All these day, I have been researching about the bans all over the internet. Recently, I got to know about the ban of online sales of e cigarettes. I guess online shopping is the easiest way to shop. With the help of online shopping, we can save time. We don’t have to go to the shops in person. I have the freedom to choose the favorite item online. But the sad state of affairs is the online sales ban of e cigarettes.

Though I am a smoker but I understand the importance of online shopping. I generally purchase my clothes online. It is very convenient way to shop. So, I can understand the pain of electronic cigarette users who will be forbidden from online e cigarette shopping. I fail to understand, why the government is putting on slews of laws over these battery operated devices. The health effects of e cigarettes are still unknown. There are no such valid reports that prove it to be either effective or harmful. The Food and Drug Administration are going to regulate the battery operated devices very soon. The brands though claim to offer the best products yet the FDA is imposing restrictions on it. While, visiting electronic cigarette reviews in a website, I came to know about the experience of individuals. They love this product.

As per my perception, there are some brands that deliver fast shipping such as South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs and White Cloud etc. But now if the ban of online sales of e cigarettes goes into effect, then users will have no more convenience as they get now. So, according to me it’s not right and should not be banned.