Smoky Mountins National Park

Tennesse Park

A Week at the Mountains

At the smoky mountains there are activities like horse back riding, fishing, near by attractions , bicycling, hiking, waterfalls and way more. Activities in all is $190

You can camp in the park for free or rent a cabin in the national park for $ 75 a person.

They serve breakfast and dinner but not lunch. The food we bought at wal-mart cost 32.39

For lunch we will go to babes!

The trip is 14 hours long from Texas , if you take a Kia u will only have to stop twice for gas . distance of a full tank is 470 miles, the total mileage to the park is 908 miles . The whole trip is $1,464


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Day 1- fishing $90 hiking , horse back riding $30

Day2- forest exploring, swimming in waterfalls

Day 3- picnicking $35

Day 4- swimming in waterfalls, wildlife viewing

Day 5- great smoky mountains center

Day 6- horse back riding $30 (free time)

Day 7- shopping ($ 75 dollars each) going home