solar powered schools in kenya

no power ,no teachers , no education

the problem

In rural Kenya there are no schools and no power wich means there is little hope for kids to a good education .as stated in the article build a solar school in rural Kenya "...hundreds of thousands of kids who might not have access to schools".Unfortunately too many kids don't have access to any form of education.

the solution

Even thought there is no electricity there is a abundances of sunlight .Earlier this year a britches company desired to make a school that is not only solar powered but also easily constructed . As stated in the article "...classroom can be put together in about 2 days by an average person with a screwdriver". With very little work needed to complete the school it will make it easier form more kids to go to school.

more help

Another person helping to bring education to Kenya in Patrick O'Sullivan .Mr. Sullivan was interested in the education problem in Kenya since he was in high school. As the article Gifts to Masai Village School Adds Fuel to Debate on Tribes Future "He followed Africans politics from the time he was in high school ".

What I have learned

After researching this topic I found that not all people want technology to be a part of their daily lives. As it states in the text " most elderly people don't want to change. They want people to be as they were before ".In many villages A lot of people don't believe that they need technology because I don't want to communicate with the outside world to them isolation is paradise .

Electricities big impact

Until researching this topic I have no idea that a single computer could do so much . As stated in the text " it was amazing to see something we take for granted, like seeing digital pictures on the computer.… They thought it was fantastic". To us having electricity is a day today thing not very amazing in many times we take it for granite many people in Africa have never even seen a laptop let alone it turned on or how to use it to get someone that type of technology would be like the sun coming out in a place where it always rains .

No schools

One of the most Shocking things I've learned why researching this topic is that they're are very few or no schools in rural Kenya. As stated in the text " there are very few schools in Kenya… Most kids spend their whole lives without knowing how to read or write due to the lack of schools ".

Contact information ( for organization )

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Fax:(213 237-6515

Relation to quarter one theme

This relates to coming over adversity because many of the children would never be able to get an education without concrete at first he as get an education without conquering adversity like as it states in the text " most children work all day in the fields with their parents ". Many kids can't go to school during the day because I have to work so many or go to school at night after a long days work .

Relation to quarter two theme

This also relates to unexpected events because many kids have never seen a laptop and it would be very surprising for them to be given one to work on.


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