10/18/2021 BASE Counseling Corner

News & Updates from the Counselors and Social Worker

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October is Anti-Bullying Month

We at the BASE Counseling Department want to remind students and families that BASE is a diverse community where all students are welcome to be their unique and authentic self. Our department supports and uplifts all students. We do want to take a moment to remind students to reach out to their counselor, school social worker, trusted teacher, or trusted adult at home if they are experiencing harassment or bullying of any kind. If you are nervous about reporting bullying, students are welcome to use the Safe Oregon website to make a report that will be dispatched to administrators at BASE. Their website is here: https://www.safeoregon.com/.

~ Resources ~

Lifeworks NW Parenting Class

Lifeworks NW and Parenting Together are offering a free class designed specifically for parents and caregivers with their 10 - 14 year old child/adolescent.

Parents/Caregivers: Practice strategies that help you to effectively parent young teens.

Youth: Learn positive ways that you can handle stress, anger and peer pressure.

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Talking to your students about school:

12 Ways for Parents or Guardians to Ask: “How Was School Today?” Without Actually Saying “How Was School Today?”

1. What was the best thing that happened today?

2. What was the worst thing that happened today?

3. What did you learn today that you didn’t know when you left for school this morning?

4. Who did you sit with at lunch?

5. What is something you did well today?

6. What is something you want to get better at?

7. If you got to be the principal, what would you do?

8. If you got to be the teacher, what would you do?

9. If you could sit by anyone in class, who would you choose?

10. If you had a problem at school, who could help you solve it?

11. Tell me about a time you smiled today.

12. Tell me about a time you helped someone today.

~ College & Career ~

Senior Reminders:

  1. If you are applying Early Action or Early Decision and have a November 1st due date, all of your materials should be to your counselors by October 20 at the latest. Please add your counselors as "Recommenders" on your applications as soon as possible so that we can start working on our piece of your application!
  1. BASE FAFSA Night! If families need help filling out the FAFSA, we are offering a virtual help session with the Director of Financial Aid from Pacific University, Leslie Limper. Come to this Zoom with your questions, and we will have breakout rooms available for families to meet with Financial Aid advisors. The registration link will be coming soon!

Reminders for 10th-12th graders:

10th-12th graders: Don't forget to sign up for college rep visits! This week features Lewis and Clark College, Eastern Oregon University, Soka International, Quest University in Canada, Seattle University, Franklin Olin College of Engineering, and St. Martin's University. Sign up here!

Upcoming Career Events:

All students are welcome to check out the upcoming Career Events hosted by the Hillsboro Chamber: https://www.washingtoncountychamberor.com/stc/stc-events/

October: LGBTQ History Month

Members of BASE's GSA created an informational poster highlighting the lives and activism of both Bayard Rustin and Marsha P. Johnson. Their work is displayed on the bulletin board outside the Future Center. Students are encouraged to stop by and learn more about these important historical figures!