Mrs. Nelson's First Grade News

April 4, 2016

In the Classroom

it's a fun week in first grade! This week we are investigating the different classifications of animals. Last week we studied insects and learned their characteristics (six legs, two antennae, three body parts, etc.). This week we will learn the characteristics of the other animal groups (mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish).

Here are some important things to know this week:

Sweeny Showcase- Join us Thursday, April 28th! You will get a chance to visit your child's classroom and experience activities that showcase their learning this year. K-2 will also be performing a short concert!

Summer School- Enroll now through May 6 for summer school! This is a fantastic way to keep your child learning and growing this summer! Free breakfast and lunch is provided to summer school students. To learn more or enroll visit,

Roar Run- Join us Saturday, May 7th for the Roar Run. The 5K race begins at 8:30 a.m. and the Fun 1 Mile Run/Walk begins at 8:00 a.m. The proceeds go to each of our school buildings! For more information, visit

Learning This Week

Word Work- This week's sight words are: our, again, were, soon, many. This week's word pattern is -oon (moon, noon, soon, etc.)

Reading- This week students will be reviewing how to use nonfiction text features to learn more about the topic (table of contents, photographs, captions, bolded words/glossary, and labels).

Writing- This week students will use animal research they did in library to write a nonfiction book. This is an exciting project and will be displayed at our Sweeny Showcase!

Math- Students will continue to explore shapes and fractions. This week we will focus on 3-D shapes (cube, sphere, rectangular prism, cone, etc.).

Science- This week students will learn about the needs and parts of a plant. We will even do an experiment that allows us to test plant needs!


Last week's class attendance: 96.83%

Our attendance goal for Sweeny is 96% or higher attendance. In our classroom, we are trying to earn an attendance celebration. Every day that we have 100% attendance we earn a letter. When we spell "perfect attendance," we will celebrate! "If you're not at school, you're not learning!"
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Upcoming Events

April 4- Sweeny PTO Meeting

April 13- Papa John's Night

April 22- School Improvement Day (No school for students.)

May 2- Sweeny PTO Meeting

May 7- Roar Run

May 11- Pap John's Night

May 13- Last Day of School

Monday is always spirit day! Wear your black and orange!

Have a great week!