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October 2021 Newsletter

Ms. Linda's Letter

Dear Preschool Families,

This month we have the opportunity to teach our children about loving our neighbors and sharing with them. Unity Presbyterian Church is currently collecting non-perishable food items for the Fort Mill Care Center to provide a Thanksgiving meal for Fort Mill families who find themselves in need of food. We would love the children to bring some items to Preschool next week. We will help the children place the items in our church display at the end of the week.

The items specifically requested by the Care Center include the following: spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, small (1-2 pound) bags of rice, jam and jellies, pancake mix and syrup, canned fruit, cranberry sauce, evaporated milk, pie fillings (including pumpkin), pie crust mix, evaporated milk and gravy. If you are overdue in cleaning out your pantry - those items (as long as not expired and not opened) are welcome too. Please send all items next week. Staff will accept them during car line.

Thanks in advance for your participation and for sharing with others the wondrous gifts that God has given us.


Ms. Linda

Director - Unity Preschool

P.S. No school on Monday for our Four's classes!

Meet Ms. Jane - Our Storyteller

Below are some pictures from our first visit with Ms. Jane, our Storyteller. We are blessed to have Ms. Jane visit us once a month to share her great stories with us. Ms. Jane was a former Preschool Director in New Jersey. She moved to Fort Mill to be closer to her two daughters and grandchildren. She LOVES to read (for herself and to young children), travel, and work in her garden. Thank you, Ms. Jane, for sharing your wonderful stories with our children.

Spirit Day/Color Day - Halloween Celebration

Our next Spirit Day and Color Day is Thursday, October 28. We will celebrate Halloween in our classrooms. Your child's teacher will send party requests through SeeSaw next week. We ask that the children wear Halloween-themed shirts or leggings or something ORANGE. Please do not send them in costumes --- the novelty wears off very quickly and we do not want to misplace costume pieces.

Scholastic Book Order Thank You

Thank you so very much for your generous Scholastic Book Orders. We earned MAXIMUM rewards this month. We purchased a Peter Reynolds book (author of "The Dot" - our September Special Day) for our Three's and Four's students (we will distribute when they arrive) and a Kevin Henkes book for all children that we will distribute in March during our Literacy month. ALL of our wish list items were also purchased so we increased our preschool library with several current titles. On behalf of our budding readers, we THANK YOU! Scholastic informed us that shipping is running behind, but we will distribute the orders as soon as they arrive.

Our next school order will be sent home before Thanksgiving so that you can purchase Christmas gifts. You are, however, welcome to order any time of the year on the Scholastic website. If you use our Class Code (GXCK8) I will be notified and can finalize the order and have it sent to school.

Teacher Feature - Ms. Sarah

This week we feature Ms. Sarah who is the Assistant in our Four's ("Owl") class. Ms. Sarah worked as our Three's Assistant for the past two years. Ms. Sarah helped me this week by drafting her "autobiography." Of course, she was modest and did not mention that her daughter Katherine is a very talented golfer and a member of the successful Catawaba Ridge High School Girls Golf team. She also did not share that she is Unity Preschool's very talented "craft specialist" and "lost tooth finder!"

Our family of four moved to the Carolinas from Michigan 10 years ago. The warm weather suits me just fine. In fact, summer is my absolute favorite season. My husband and I have two girls, Katherine is 16 (Catawba Ridge - junior) and Elizabeth Grace is 7 (River Trail - Second Grade). We love taking trips to the beach and to the mountains. Gardening and planting flowers give me such great pleasure. l enjoy nothing more than filling up the back of my vehicle in the spring with beautiful annuals.

I cherish spending time with my family. Especially with how rushed we all are nowadays. To me, time is one of the most important things you can give your loved ones. Both of my girls love to play golf, so I spend lots of time on the course! I also enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen with my husband. We make a great team when it comes to food.

I love “Oldies” music...60’s and 70’s. Anything from the Beatles and the Stones, to CCR, Bob Seger, and Rod Stewart...I could go on and on! Being from Detroit, Motown music has a special place in my heart too.

I really enjoy reading when time lends itself and I have read many good books. One that stands out, in particular, is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I thoroughly enjoy reading or watching period pieces. My favorite series though is Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling has an amazing imagination! Speaking of Harry Potter, I have an 9-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named “Potter” who I absolutely love and adore!

That pretty much sums it up for me, other than being a part of such a special preschool community and playing such a tremendous role in the lives of our precious children. There’s no doubt in my mind that God led me to Unity Presbyterian for a reason when I enrolled my youngest daughter in the program four years ago.

Do I Send My Child to School?

We have received many questions about whether you should send your child to school with runny noses, coughs and other symptoms. The rule of thumb that we like to use is ""Do you want your child around another child with similar symptoms?" Missing a day or two of preschool will not set them back on their education journey. If you find you are wiping your child's nose often and/or you are reminding them to cough in their sleeve all day long, please keep them home. Your child will enjoy the extra loving time and it will help prevent spread in the classroom. If your child has a persistent cough or runny nose due to allergies, please provide us with a doctor's note so we know that they are not contagious. We welcome questions if you are just not sure.

Here is the policy the Fort Mill School District uses regarding COVID symptoms to look for:

Fort Mill Schools asks staff and parents to conduct symptom checks of themselves or their child(ren) each morning before school. This process assists in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in the school setting. If your child is experiencing the following symptoms, please keep the child at home and consider having the child seen by a healthcare provider. The following symptoms are outlined in the SC DHEC School and Childcare Exclusion List (you have a copy of this in your parent folder).

One or more of the following symptoms:

• Trouble breathing or shortness of breath

• Loss of taste or smell

• New or worsening cough

• Fever of at least 100.4 (we use 99.5 as our cut-off)

Or two or more of the following symptoms:

• New onset of severe headache

• Fatigue

• Persistent or worsening sore throat

• Congestion or rhinorrhea

• Myalgia (pain in a muscle or group of muscles)

• Nausea/vomiting

• Diarrhea

COVID-19 Update

Thank you for keeping your children home if they are feeling "off." We have had no elevated temperatures while at preschool this school year and we have not had to send any children home who are not feeling well. If we continue to maintain good communication and to be thoughtful and diligent in our approach, I believe that we can remain safe and open for everyone. THANK YOU!

COVID-19 Update:

Quarantine Students: 1 (Four's Owl class)

Positive Test Students: 0

Quarantine Staff:0

Positive Test Staff: 0


*No School - Monday, October 18: This is a teacher work day for the FMSD.

*Tuition: Our next tuition withdrawal date will be Monday, November 1st.

*Folder Reminder: Please remember to empty your child's folder at least every week!

*Label Clothes: Please remember to label jackets/sweaters/extra clothes that you send to school so that we can make sure they go home with the correct child.

*Preschool Newsletter: Our next Newsletter will be sent November 4.

Unity Preschool Staff 2021-22

Big picture

Front Row - Left to Right by teaching pairs:

Ms. Maureen and Ms. Kellie (Fours - Fish)

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Elizabeth (Fours - Owls)

Back Row - Left to Right by teaching pairs:

Ms. Carolyn (Librarian/Thursday Helper/First Call Sub)

Ms. Jen and Ms. Danielle (Older Twos - Bees)

Ms. Beth and Ms. Becca (Threes - Monkeys)

Ms. Lauren and Ms. Laura (Threes- Frogs)

Ms. Linda (Director)

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