By: Anthony Turner

Events After the Fischer Family Moves in

  • Paul and his family move to Florida
  • Muck fire
  • Lightning strikes in the exact same spot everyday
  • Erik and his dad visits Florida University
  • The "Erik Fischer Football Dream" is improving
  • Paul meets 4 kids from the soccer team and blocks all of their kicks
  • Paul gets more recognition after blocking shots from Gino
  • A lightning strike kills Mike Costello
  • Arthur becomes a part of the "Erik Fischer Football Dream"
  • Paul becomes good friends with Joey Costello

The Erik Fischer Football Dream

Erik's sports life is based around football, while Paul's sports life is based upon soccer. Erik's dad has big, extraordinary expectations for the "Erik Fischer Football Dream" as Paul calls it. Erik has a bigger reputation in the family for his sports dream, not only in the family, but around the community. Erik is more open to the people of the town, like Arthur. The way Erik pursues people to be a part of his dream, to play football makes him more well-known in the town. On the other hand, Paul is less known; younger kid in the family, and less open to the town. Just a middle school soccer kid that doesn't have a lot of new friends in the town.

Mike Costello Is Dead?!

Mom and Paul are unloading groceries, later on, Erik and Arthur show up, and breaks the news: "Mike Costello is dead." Said Erik. It was just another day at football practice, and Mike Costello was leaning against the goal post with his hand holding him up. Unexpectedly KABOOM! A huge crack sounded the field, at the same time a bright, white flash. Mike went flying through the air. "Dead before he hit the ground." Said Erik. Arthur and Erik went flying over there, and saw that the whole left side of his hair was burned off. CPR was next, everybody was going nuts dad called 911. Ambulances and police cars showed up, speeding to the scene. Nothing worked, they tried to jump start him, didn't work. They stuck NEEDLES in him, didn't work. Mike was dead.

Issues during MOYA

A big problem that goes on in the book is bullying. Paul gets bullied for the glasses. He gets called "Eclipse Boy" for the glasses he wears, and he's just new to the neighborhood! Another problem is school. The work he gets, that he has to take home and do, balancing that with activities such as soccer, and other activities outside of school, it can be very stressful, leading to a breakdown, possibly. The last problem is loneliness. Unfortunately, Erik doesn't have that many friends in the town, since the move to Florida. The problem is, his parents aren't home a lot because of work, and Erik and Paul don't get along that well, nor do they talk to each other much.

Lets Play Some Ball!!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 6:30-8pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Come watch Lake Windsor Middle School take on our Arch Rivals on Saturday, November 13! We want a big crowd, the biggest yet, something to get our team going! We really want to see as much team colors as we can, go all out!! We hope to see you there!