Biehl's Blurb 4/7/16

Ms. Biehl's Class, Room 103- Great things happen here!

Line Creek Mission Statement

All Belong, All Learn, All Lead, Lions Succeed!

Specials Schedule

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Media

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music

First Grade Terra Nova Testing April 12th-14th

Take Your Child to Work Day

As parents and guardians begin to make plans for Take Your Child To Work Day (April 28, 2016), we want to make sure you have accurate information regarding attendance for that day. I have no doubt it will be a beneficial day for students in the workplace and at Line Creek. However, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires students attending work with their parent(s) to be counted absent.

At Line Creek, we do not formally recognize perfect attendance. We strive for student attendance to be at or above 95%. I encourage you to make the decision that best meets the needs of your student for Take Your Child To Work Day and inform your child’s teacher and/or the Line Creek office if your student will be absent on Take Your Child To Work Day (April 28, 2016).

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education language regarding attendance states, Students must be in attendance in an instructional capacity under the direct supervision of a certificated employee of the district to be counted for attendance purposes.” Therefore, if students are absent, for part or all of the day, on Take Your Child To Work Day (Thursday, April 28th), they would be counted as absent for the time they are not in school.

At the elementary level, we do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. Therefore, when a student is absent, it is simply counted as an absence.

In the past, a letter has been sent home with all students stating that if they completed a signed form and reflection activity, they would be counted as present. This will not be the case moving forward.

We Are Wild About Learning

Here's what we will be studying in first grade next week:

  • I can get interested in a topic and get better at learning a lot about it by reading many different lots of different kinds of books and ones that are in a bunch of genres.
  • If I’m ready to learn about a topic, I can find a way to learn stuff from all kinds of texts, even from stories and poems.
  • When there are important words and phrases in the texts that I read, I can get better at using them to as I think and talk.
  • When I have a pile of books and other texts that tell about a topic, I can take all I learn from one text and add it to what I learn from the next.
  • After I’ve read many books on a topic, I can teach others the information I’ve learned and my opinions about that topic.


  • I can generate fiction ideas from my own live or reading mentor texts.
  • I can write a series and always have a lot to write about.


  • I can state the value of each coin (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter).
  • I can identify and name coins.


  • I can describe the basic needs of animals.
  • I can describe the relationships between the physical structures of animals and the functions of those structures.
  • I can distinguish between plants and animals based on observable structures and behaviors.
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