Great Depression

By Pierce

Political/ Government

The Great Depression started in 1929. President Hoover was our president during the time. A lot of people blamed Hoover for the depression. The poeple that lose their homes because of the depression lived in small towns together. They called their town Hooverville. When president Hoover went out of office president Franklin Roosevelt came in. He created the New Deal. The three gaols he thought the New Deal was going to bring was to relief,recovery, and reform, and that was what it did!
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The economy was bad. The banks colsed and poeple couldn't get their money. Also the sock market chashed and people with busnesses could not make any profit. About 15 million poeple got out worked of their jods.


Some place got hit by the depression harder than others. Places like New York and big citeis got hit hard. Also people in southwest got hit by the dust bowl like Oklahoma and Texas.
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