Romeo & Juliet

Who is to blame?!

Paris is to blame for the death's of Romeo and Juliet. He is responsible for their death's because, he could have found his own aged woman to marry. He could have asked Juliet if she wanted to get married instead of just telling the Capulet. What he said was "Monday, my lord" (3.4.19) He is telling Capulet that the wedding should be Monday. Even though, Capulet agreed and changed the date, Paris could have waited to ask Juliet if she wanted to get married. It was to soon for Paris to marry Juliet because Tybalt just died and most importantly, Romeo got banished. When her mom said "Marry, my child, early next Thursday Morn, The gallant, young and noble gentleman, The County Paris, at Saint Peter's Church, Shall happily make thee there a joyful bride." (3.5.112-115). If Paris made sure that Juliet actually wanted to marry him then none of this mess would have happened. So Paris is the one who made Juliet and Romeo kill themselves.