Reading Strategies

that might be of use

Prep yourself

Subject yourself to the language as much as possible to enhance your vocabulary. This will definitly help you reach a higher level in nearly all language skills!

- Read read read (articles, blogs, books, etc.)

- Watch the BBC, CNN, films without subtitles, youtube videos ( is a good one as well)

- Get enough rest by going to bed early

- Men say eating an egg in the morning activates your brain activity :-D (

Before the test

1 Mind your posture, sit up straight

2 Get distracted easily? Take place in front of the classroom. Try to avoid distracting things as much as possible, for example windows, doors, chatty friends :-)

3 Do you have to make a digital exam? Maybe some earplugs might be able to help you stay focused

Exam time

Stay calm. The first thing you need to do is to make absolutely sure you know what the task is. What do you need to figure out? So...

1 Read the questions

2 Do you need to skim, scan, or do some intensive reading?

3 Don't know the meaning of a certain word and don't have a dictionary? Have a look at the words around it, the context might give you an idea of the meaning

4 Answer the questions

5 Don't know the answer? Don't waste any time. Continue with the next and come back to it later!


1 Go back to the unanswered questions and have another go

2 Double-check all your answers before handing in your exam

! Some digital exams won't let you go back to previous questions so always check this possibility with your teacher first!