The Eight Steps of Accounting

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Analyze Transactions

Transactions start the process. Any Transaction a business may have is used. This includes checks, receipts, deposit stubs, ext.


List all transactions in the journal. Make sure the journal is in chronological order. This is the first place all the transactions are listed


Post each transaction to the account in which the transaction effects. The information that is received from the general journal must be transferred over to the general ledger.

Prepare Work Sheet

The next step is preparing a work sheet. This work sheet is used to record the trial balances of the accounts.

Prepare Financial Statements

The step after preparing the worksheet is to prepare financial statements. These financial statements are important because it will show a business if they had a net income, or a net loss

Journalize Adjusting and Closing Entries

Then journalizing the adjusting and closing entries takes place. The adjusting entries record any change made to an account during the fiscal period. The closing entries close accounts for the end of the fiscal period.

Post Adjusting and Closing Entries

After journalizing the adjusting and closing entries, the next step would be to post the adjusting and closing entries.

Prepare Post-Closing Trial Balance

After the closing entries are posted, only permanent accounts remain open. A post-closing trial balance is used to check the accuracy of these accounts.