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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ Sept 25

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Hispanic Heritage Month

We recognize Hispanic Heritage month from September 15 - October 15. Hispanic Heritage month pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. At Lakeview, we celebrate the diversity that exists within our walls, bringing together so many cultures as we learn and grow. In particular, our families that identify as Hispanic at Lakeview have grown considerably over the last 10 years. Here are the numbers:

2012 - 78% white, 12% Hispanic, 7% African-American, 1.5% Asian, 1.5% Native American

2022 - 45% white, 30% Hispanic, 14% Two or more races, 10% African-American, 1% other groups

Let us take a moment to recognize that our students are grow and learning in a school that reflects the diversity of the world around us in a beautiful way! In particular, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage right now. In a school, that means a book is always a great way to celebrate! Below are some great books with Hispanic characters and/or authors along with links to the book in the public library system so you can read them for free:

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena (who visited South Milwaukee last year)

Kitchen Dance by Maurie Manning

Tia Isa Wants a Car by Meg Medina

My Name is Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada

Antonio's Card by Rigoberto Gonzalez

Homecoming Spirit Week

South Milwaukee's Homecoming week is coming up. Here are the spirit days for each day of Homecoming week:

Monday, September 26 - Sports Day - wear your favorite team's clothing (or any sport clothes)

Tuesday, September 27 - Crazy Sock or Crazy Hair Day (or both)

Wednesday, September 28 - Pajama Day (always a favorite)

Thursday, September 29 - Class color day - Wear as much of the following colors as possible:

• 4K & 5K - Blue

• 1st Grade - Yellow

• 2nd Grade - Orange

• 3rd Grade - Red

• 4th Grade - Purple

• 5th Grade - Green

Friday, September 30 - Wear SM Rocket or Lakeview Lion clothing

Homecoming Parade

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Lakeview are invited to march in the South Milwaukee Homecoming parade on Thursday, September 29. You can also come and help decorate the Lakeview Homecoming float. Please see this link for more info and the permission slip. You can either print it and send it back to school - or - you can email Mrs. Hartung ( to let her know that your child will join the fun. Please remember is that we need every child picked up immediately at the end of the parade route.

Smens & Smencil sales are back!

The Lakeview PTO will be having another Smens Sale (while supplies last) as well as Smencils on Thursday, September 29 on the west playground from 8:10-8:25 a.m.

What are Smens? They are tri-color scented pens. Each Smen is individually packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube. Smens are $2 each.

What is a Smencil? Smencils are scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers. It is a No.2 graphite pencil that is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube. Smencils are $1 each.

October Conferences

We are trying to make sure every family is signed up for conferences. This week, we sent an email to everyone that had not signed up. In the coming days, teachers will be contacting families that have not signed up. Please sign up for October Family Conferences right now if you have not already. This year, they are from 4-8 p.m. on October 12 and 13. Sign up on our Sign-up Genius. Conferences can be in-person or virtual. Please be sure you are signing up on the correct teacher's list - the first page that opens is Ms. Lund's 5K class. Scroll across the top for the other classes.

Golden Lions this week

Here are the Lakeview Golden Lions for this week. We had 13 examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged!

• Ahmed is doing a great job of engaging in his literacy work. During both reading and writing, he is pushing himself to write more and expand on his ideas. He also regularly checks in with me to make sure that he is meeting expectations. Ahmed, you have grown so much as a reader and writer since the beginning of 4th grade; I can't wait to see what the rest of 5th grade has in store for you! Keep up the great work!

• During carpet time and table time, Izzy has shown that she is a whole body listener. Her eyes are always on the speaker and her body is calm and ready to learn. Great work, Izzy! Way to be a bucket filler and make good choices!

• Amir did a great job staying engaged in music even when that was hard. Great job Amir!

• Today during Reader's workshop, the expectation was that Kyeli jot her strong prediction on a post-it note. Kyeli didn't have one, so she found an index card to write her jot on instead. Kyeli is a problem-solver. This is an important lifelong skill. Way to go, kiddo!

• Kassidy was safe and respectful in Art class. During work time, Kassidy used her tools properly and put them away when it was time to clean up. When Ms. DH called the class's attention, Kassidy stopped talking and showed she was actively listening, with her eyes on the speaker. Keep it up, Kassidy!

• Frankie was safe with her tools in Art class. She used her crayons properly and put them back in the bucket when it was clean-up time. Frankie was also safe with paint, and kept her hands very clean while she was stamping with shapes and paint. She followed directions and listened actively to the teacher. Keep up the great work, Frankie!

• Lerice was very engaged in creating his 3D animal form in Art class. He used his tools safely to create a rabbit. After he created the basic form, Lerice took his time to add greater detail to his rabbit. Way to take ownership of your learning, Lerice!

• Valerie was very engaged in Art class. She took her time and worked independently to create a 3D form of an Axolotl. When Valerie was finished building her Axolotl, she used markers to add more color and detail to her work. Keep it up, Valerie!

• Didi has returned all Math assignments he took home to finish, as well as all homework assignments. Wow! Way to take responsibility for your learning Didi. I'm noticing when you're in class, you are growing as a mathematician.

• Ravyn has been doing a great job listening to instructions during Art class. She has used all tools safely, and cleans up when it's time to put tools away. When the teacher is talking, Ravyn listens actively, with a calm body. Keep it up, Ravyn!

• Kiyus was safe with his body and tools in Art class. Kiyus sat on his chair and used his paint properly to stamp shapes on his paper. He asked Ms. DH if he could give the class a reminder: "Everyone remember to use tools safely." Thank you Kiyus, for setting a positive example for your classmates!

• Thank you Carter for following classroom procedures while getting out materials! That is so important especially since you are the line leader in our class!

• Frankie is always ready to learn and like she says, "I got your back, Mrs. Nicholson":)

Annual Notices

Each year, Lakeview Elementary and the School District of South Milwaukee is happy to provide you with an extensive list of annual notices, explaining the role of the district and the rights of families. Please click here for the document containing all of the annual notices.

Roar Awards for Teachers

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.