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Week of December 10

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One School One Book - Lemonade War Week 2

I hope you are enjoying the Lemonade War with your student. This will be our second week in the journey. Reading aloud with your child can foster great conversations and vocabulary. I have loved the conversations with students this week about the characters and events in the story.

Thank you for partnering with us on this journey.


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Math Moments

It is hard to believe that we have only a few more weeks until Christmas break. The first semester has really flown by. Our students are learning so much each day and it is a true joy to see how much progress they are making. I want to share with you ways that learning can take place in everyday activities that can help students become lifelong learners.

If you have younger children, counting your steps as you walk helps with one to one correspondence. Once a child has counting by ones mastered, then count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. The earlier that a student is able to skip count and is able to master the concept, it will help them as they get into higher math concepts.

We live in a digital world and use bill pay and debit/credit cards, but it is still imperative that a child knows how to count money and what the coins are. Practice counting coins in a coin jar, or making change at the grocery store. These are important skills that when practiced in real life can help a child make a connection to why they need to know the concept. When our students are old enough to have a job, counting money and making change will be a very important job skill that they will need.

Geometry is a fun unit for Elementary students because geometric shapes are everywhere. They learn about 2-D and 3-D shapes. One way you can help your student connect with this concept is to point out the shapes in buildings and houses. Also, it helps your student notice how architecture is full of 3-Dimensional shapes. You may have an aspiring Architect in your future.

Fractions are a concept that is introduced in 1st grade with concrete models and then each year the concept is built upon. Letting your child help you cook and measure ingredients will help them see why fractions are important. It also helps them see how fractions are equivalent and how to compare fractional pieces to see how big or small a fraction is. The concrete understanding of fractions is very important to how our students continue to use fractions as they get older.

Thank you for your help as we connect school and home through learning.

Tamora Vorheis

Instructional Coach

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The Newsletter embedded below is a family newsletter regarding different topics for parents! This month there are articles on Parents recognizing and helping with Test Anxiety; Teen Suicide; Safety Tips for Parents; Holiday Depression; Tips on Raising Happy and Successful Children; Improving Self-Esteem; etc. Check it out below!

Upcoming Dates

December 12 - Colors for Caring

December 14- Winter Wonderland/ 1st and 2nd Grade Musical Program

December 18- ROE Christmas Program - 3rd grade

December 19- Polar Express Day

December 20- Hawk Assembly (You will be notified if your student is receiving an award)

December 21- Winter Parties/Early Release


  • Please remember school hours are 7:40-3:10.
  • Students are considered late to school after 7:45 (via school clocks).
  • The building opens on the driveway at 6:55 am The front office opens at 7:15.
  • Breakfast ends at 7:40. Students wanting breakfast need to arrive by 7:30.
  • Students who leave before dismissal time at 3:10 are considered early sign-outs.
  • To qualify for district level perfect attendance awards (Count Me In) at the end of the school year, students must be in attendance all day every day (no late to school/tardies or early sign-outs).

Lunch Visitors

If you come to visit for lunch, we ask that you please eat lunch with your child at one of the side tables or benches. Lunch visitors must be listed in Skyward. Please don’t invite other students to join your family while you eat. Thank you for your cooperation!


Dreambox is a great application for students to practice math skills. This app can be reached on our website under the student digital subscriptions.

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