Crazy Caddo

By: Ani ,Joella,Ben and Grace

All About The Caddo

Have you ever wondered about the Caddo ? Well if you want to know about them this is the right flyer for you.

Shelter and Geographical Location

  • The Caddo tepees had a fire in the middle of them.
  • Their tepees had buffalo hide.
  • Cane was used to patch the tepee.
  • Caddo lived next to tributaries.

Customs and Cerimonies

  • The Caddo would bunch around strangers if strangers came by.
  • They would visit temples that they made.
  • Male Caddo whale and gift strangers.


  • The Caddo painted themselves with bright colors.
  • They wore animal teeth necklaces.
  • They wore clothes out of deer skin and buffalo hide.


  • The Caddo were very successful farmers.
  • They harvested beans,squash,sunflower seeds,pumpkins and melons.
  • They're best food is corn.

The Caddo life

The Caddo were most sophisticated of all tribes.

This is all you need to know about the Caddo.


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