Miss Henry's 4th Grade News & Notes

Keeping Parents in the "Know"

Welcome to our SMORE NEWSLETTER!

Just a quick reminder about our agendas:

Ask your child if you can see their agenda. This will allow you to see if they are writing in their agendas every day and it will also allow you to see what we are doing in class. There is a line for parents to sign at the bottom of the agenda page. If you could sign that every night that your child shows you their agenda, that would be a huge help to us and it would start a great conversation about their day.

Thank you for checking out our new and improved newsletter!

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Bobcat Folders

Today in their Bobcat folders, there is a YELLOW sign up sheet for either Science Fair Projects or for the History Fair. Beverly students are required to choose one project to do for fourth grade. If you are new to Plano ISD, students must choose the Science Fair, but can also do the History Fair if they would like.

Forms are Due on Tuesday, October 18th.

Think Through Math

Think Through Math

Think Through Math is an amazing program that works in a way that caters learning to each specific child. Students are encouraged to pass grade level lessons. Once they have passed 30 grade level lessons they become part of the Think 30 Club. It has been designed so that if a student passes 30 lessons they are more likely to pass STAAR. Time spent on these programs will equip students with skills that they may be struggling with and help them get ready for STAAR. We suggest that some time spent on Think Through Math at home will greatly benefit their performance in these subject areas.


Username: First.Last.1

Password: MhID#

Smore Links

Here are Smore "Some More" Links that you may be interested in checking out. Keeping up with these will keep you in the know about what else is going on around the campus.

Counselor Corner:



  • Report cards will go home on Friday, October 21st, so please look for them in your child's folder. Please sign the envelope and return to school on Monday.
  • The Walk-a-Thon will take place at Beverly Elementary on Friday, October 21st at 6:00.
  • Cookie Dough Sales end on Monday, October 17th. Please send in all the money that you have collected so we can place the order. This is an important fundraiser for our school.

Upcoming Dates and Information


  • Timed test is on 4's and 8's.
  • History Fair or Science Fair choice is DUE!
  • Bring a device to school to study for the math review game.


  • Math test over multiplication.


  • Science test over electricity.


  • Our first Beverly Bobcat Assembly is at 8:00. Attend if you would like.
  • Report Cards will also go home on Friday.
  • Walk-A-Thon at 6:00 in the gym, cafeteria, and playground area.