Save the Black Rhino!


Black Rhino description and diet

Black Rhinos has very thick gray skin with folds. They have a large head on a short neck and have little hair. Black Rhinos have two horns, one in front of the other. They also have a "hooked lip", allowing them to survive where they live.

Black Rhinos are herbivores, and they eat twigs and a large variety of plants and fruits. They eat meals in the morning and evening; they nap during midday.

Hunters drive rhinos to extinction in West Africa

Habitat of the Black Rhino

Black Rhinos live mainly in eastern and southern Africa. Almost all of them are in the countries of Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. They also live in some parts of India.


Help us Save the Black Rhino!

The only predator the Black Rhino has are humans. Poachers kill these rhinos for their horns, which are very valuable. They also are declining in population because of habitat loss.