The Judicial Branch

The third branch of government

What is the Judicial Branch?

The judicial branch is the third branch of government. The judicial branch has the Supreme Court because the U.S Supreme Court heads the system of federal courts that is made up of the judicial branch. In all of the branches of government, there is a main building and the main building for the judicial branch it is the Supreme Court building. The constitution made/created the Supreme Court, but the judiciary act of 1789 created the system of lower district and circuit courts. Also, in the judicial branch unlike the executive and legislative branch there is not an age requirement or any citizenship requirements.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest court within its hierarchy of many legal jurisdictions. Also it is a part of one of the three parts of the judicial branch along with the federal courts. Some countries actually have multiple supreme courts but in the USA we only have one. Also the Supreme Court interprets the laws just like the federal courts and the Judicial Branch.

Judicial Branch

Link to the supreme court website! is the offical website of the supreme court.