Transaction Income VS

Residual Income


Transaction Income vs Residual Income

Selling real estate or Vehicles it is a transaction based type of position. By that I mean, when you have a transaction that closes, you get PAID. When you are not closing transactions, you do NOT get paid. When you decided that building a RESIDUAL type of INCOME is something to be aspire about and to achieve.

What if you aligned yourself with FES Financial Education Services for the purpose of creating residual income from a team of motivated and like minded individuals that would like to assist clients and prospects with various aspects of their financial lives. FES offers a large ‘family of financial services’ that every household in America needs in one way, shape or form. Knowing about FES, I now have a vehicle with which to create residual income.

ANOTHER BENEFIT of FES is that you can do this from any where in the USA and help your FES team of agents be successful and profitable as they work with their own community and neighborhood of clients. It is so exciting to be part of a great company like this, and I wanted to make sure you knew that there are no limits on how much you can gain from your efforts with FES.

Coming from a Automotive and corporate background, there was always the ultimate glass ceiling or towers of power that would contain me and keep me from moving forward with both promotions in title and in economics a/k/a MONEY. That is no longer the case in this industry.

Our premier product is Credit Restoration, but as I mentioned, we offer a huge family of financial services that most everyone can use and would be ill served not to know about them and be tapping into them as a financial resource.


When partnering with a company as a franchisee or independent agent there are several things you want to make sure of before you make your decision. Things like, is the company philosophy in line with my thinking? Are the owners of the company people I can trust and people of integrity? Do I have access to the owners and executive level management?