Tuscany Heights Elementary

168th Lighthouse School in the Nation

Our Mission Statement

We, THE Tigers, will be inspired to LEAD, HONOR, and EXCEL today!


Message from Administration

Dear Tuscany Heights Elementary Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

It is with great excitement that we open the doors for your children on August 28, 2017! Although we've had some unpredictable weather this weekend, school is still in session. We hope to see everyone! Attendance is taken on the first day, and students that are not in attendance are to be withdrawn based on district attendance procedures. The first day attendance counts are very important! Let's get this year started together!

We are thrilled to welcome our returning families as well as all of our new families. Thank you for choosing Tuscany Heights Elementary School! We know you have choice in where you send your children, and we are honored you have given us the opportunity to grow your children academically. Thank you!

We begin this school year with energy and excitement! We look forward to working with our staff, students, and families to "BRAND" our school mission in all that we do throughout the year. "We, THE Tigers, will be inspired to lead, honor, and excel." Thank you for helping us live our mission!

Over the years, we have shared a mission to lead, honor, and excel with our students. We are proud of the reputation our school holds and welcome all of our families with open arms. Thank you for choosing Tuscany Heights! To all families, I look forward to SYNERGIZING with you, our students, and our staff to make this the best year yet!

By BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND and setting goals, our high achieving students and hardworking staff continue to lead us to meeting accountability standards for the state testing. We do have areas of focus in which we are setting new goals to focus on for 2017-18. This accomplishment is indeed something to “brag” about, because it is far more than testing. This means our students are making adequate growth from one year to the next because of their work ethics and the work ethic of our staff. Although we are high achieving, we still have areas we strive to accomplish. We also have to appreciate and recognize the never ending support our parents give us! Together, the three make TUSCANY a wonderful school. I am proud to be the Tuscany Heights Principal!

THINK WIN-WIN as we move into this year, please remember that we place the highest premium on safety and ask if you are visiting, that you stop by the front office to be given the appropriate name badge, use the appropriate arrival and dismissal procedures, follow all lunch and classroom visitor guidelines, etc. These procedures are reviewed at Meet the Teacher as well as in our handbook online. Many of these procedures are also noted inside the front cover of our Tiger Agendas. We want to BE PROACTIVE, so please review these procedures. Won’t you help us keep our children, staff, and parents safe?

As we move into this year, please remember that we PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST by making our instructional time a priority and ask that you respect our time with the students. Time in the classroom is crucial in our students making adequate gains from one year to the next. Our teachers work hard to prepare our students for all grade level objectives as well as building the foundation for the upcoming grade level. Increasing our Academic Percentages and Attendance are two of our goals this year. We are striving to meet 97% attendance rate each nine weeks while increasing student growth in all accountability areas. Won’t you help us make instructional time a priority?

As we move into this year, please remember that we are BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND again this year by inspiring and building leaders. We want all students, parents, and staff to set goals and be excellent role models to all of those around us. We want to be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand and then be Understood, Synergize and take the needed time to celebrate and Sharpen the Saw. We will dedicate this year to incorporating more leadership roles, making our leaders more visible, creating and fostering a vision for leadership, and having fun while doing it. Won’t you help us develop leaders by leading?

We are ready for a fantastic school year! Thank you for helping us "BRAND" Tuscany Heights Elementary as the best.


Tara Bailey

First Day: First Time Tigers/Yahoo Bohoo

We are calling all Kinder parents as well as any new parents with Kinder thru 5th grade student (s) to join us in the library on Monday morning after dropping your children off in the classroom. Here, we have donuts and coffee. We also have a great opportunity for you to meet some of our Administration and PTA.

Tuscany Heights Elementary Survey

Thank you to all of the families that took a moment to respond to our survey!


Immunizations are required for student placement in classes. Please see Donna Hunsicker, School Nurse, if you have any questions.


Nurse Hunsicker

KINS Message


If your children are scheduled to attend KINS, please note that you should park in the back parking lot to pick up students after school. It is critical we leave the curbside, fire lane open.

Thank you,

KINS Directors

Tara Bailey

Welcome to Tuscany Heights Elementary School

PTA News

First Time Tigers! (a.k.a. Yahoo-Boohoo)All parents of Kinder and/ or new students to Tuscany are invited to First Time Tigers! After you see your student off on their new adventure, please join us Monday morning in the library. We’ll have donuts and coffee along with helpful information and some encouraging words from our Principal, Tara Bailey.

T.H.E. PTA ONLINE STORE IS STILL OPEN! –You can still go online and order your THE Spirit Gear, donate to Greenbacks, join PTA, and order directory ads and shout-outs, etc.! Go to www.TuscanyHeightsPTA.org and click on the WELCOME BACK section! Some quantities are limited so order today!

Lost and Found!

Be Proactive for the 2016-2017 school year!

Please label your child's belongings (lunch boxes, water bottles, sweaters and backpacks). That way if they find their way to the LOST and FOUND, we can return them to their owner.

PTA General Meeting – Sept 5 - We will have a family-sized Volunteer Fair – come see how the whole family can get plugged into volunteering at Tuscany! From the Library to Watch D.O.G.S. to our student Lighthouse team you’re sure to find a way to round up some fun this year. Join us at 5:30 for food, info, and fun!

Volunteer Orientation

Lasso some fun volunteering with the PTA!!! Want to get involved but not sure how or who to talk to? Come join us for a light breakfast on Thursday, September 7th in the Tuscany Heights PTA room at 10:00 to learn all the different ways that you can get involved. This is for those that just want to volunteer occasionally all the way to those that really want to get involved! Show your child just how important their education is to you by volunteering!

DIRECTORY INFO - Do you have a business you want to advertise or a special student that you want to tell how much you love them? Advertise or buy a tribute or shout out in the Tuscany Heights directory! Info was in your welcome back folder, you can order online at http://www.tuscanyheightspta.org, or you can contact Allison at directory@tuscanyheightspta.org

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