My Favorite Sport


Softball is a great physical activity because you are being active and keeps you moving. In this sport you need to learn how to run fast, hit good and throw good. For hitting you need to have upper body strength; without upper body strength you can't hit the ball as hard.


Being active and being able to do the sport well will help your emotional health because being active does improve your metal health and makes you less stress and keeps you happier. This also help the brain to be stronger and grow more for the better.


In softball your social health grows because you have to communicate with your team mates and figure out what you all need to fix and how to fix it. This builds your social skills well because then this teaches you how to communicate better.

Intellectual Health

Playing this sport can improve your intellectual health by figuring out new ways on to improve things that people aren't understanding or how to trick the other team. Also this is good for the brain because the brain can improve ones skills and thinking.