Joseph Forbes

Hour 3


I have ran Cross Country for three years now. I am eighth on the team of 30. I am the alternate for varsity. My favorite movie is a tie between Interstellar and Signs. I really like science, sometimes math can be fun. I am in band, and we have spent everal weeks on practicing over the summer.


I have always been in the Buhler district. I have gone to Union Valley, Prosperity, then PHMS, and now BHS. My favorite teacher at Prosperity would have been Mr. Harris. Prosperity was probably my favorite school I have attended. PHMS was too much of a factory with so many kids in it, and UV had a similar problem, except spread across four grades instead of three.


I don't know where I want to attend college. Although I have a few ideas:

I'm not sure if I still want to be a doctor. I'll see what I like in the future.


I have three older siblings, I am the youngest. My two older brothers are Sam, and Jeriah. My sister's name is Meriah. I live with both of my parents, and Sam currently. Sam is seventeen, and Meriah is around 26, Jeriah is around 29. Jeriah and Meriah are both married. Meriah is married to Brian. Jeriah is married to Cubice, who is Chinese. My only living grandperent is Grandma Lorie.

Health concerns

I have no health problems. I sometimes hurt myself running, but other than that I'm pretty healthy.


The phone number is my personal cell. The email is also my personal email. Please do not email me during school hours in case I forget to turn my phone off.