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Digital Citizenship

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Season 5

EPISODE 01: Leader’s Mentality

Leadership isn’t a title; it’s not a class; and it’s certainly not what you tell everyone you are. Leadership is a mentality and an attitude that you have to wake up with every single day. In this first episode of season five of The Harbor by Jostens, Mike shares his philosophy on leadership and the lessons he’s learned as leader of his non-profits, The Bay and Skate For Change.


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Teacher Shout-Out

Candi has shared that with some of her students they are working with methods of on the spot interviews in their projects! Nice Work!

Google Tip

There have been some great updates to Google classroom. You can now organize assignments by topics and they are much easier to find and access. You can also create class materials in a single post that is easy to access and use with the assigned tasks.
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Other Tech Tips

Want to get Google Educator Level 1 Certified? Great resources for you here:
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Upcoming Tech PD

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