Library Orientation

Use this page to guide your tour around our LibGuides page

The Tabs

LibGuides is set up like a file cabinet. Look at the TABS along the top of the page:

Catalog - link DESTINY (on line catalog); other resources, like audio books.
Databases - an important page for research - go to this page for the links to all of our databases.
Citation Tools/Noodletools - Noodle-what?? Another important page for research. Check it out!
Web Eval - How do you know if a website is a good source of information? This page has some good resources on evaluating websites.
Social Studies - pages created specifically for Social Studies research projects
English - set up by grade level specifically for English classes
Science - not much here yet!
Foreign Languages - specific to 6th grade country project
Primary Sources - helpful info with information on primary sources
YA World - FUN! Check it out

We add pages and information routinely throughout the school year.