How does music affect your health?

By Won Yang

Improves visual & verbal skills

-A research showed that kids who were exposed to music were more likely to comprehend and explain vocabulary.

-Another study showed that kids that attended music classes had higher verbal and visual IQ scores.

-Kids exposed to music tend to smile more and understand music with more sophistication.

Keeps the brain healthy

-Listen to music can help bring back forgotten memories because rhythms and patterns stick to the brain for a long time.

Improves cardiovascular health

-Improves recovery rate from heart disease because listening to music releases positive endorphins that improve your heart.

-Patients with heart disease were more calm after listening to music.

Boosts your immune system

-Music lowers the levels of the hormone called cortisol, which hinders the immune system and health.

-Music can also boost the number of antibodies in your body.

How different genres of music affect life expectancy

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