Log Cabin Style

By Sydni Waters

History of The Log Cabin

This style came about from the American settlers, making it a very plain, less structurally complicated house. These houses are usually made of pine and/or spruce, overlapping the logs of trees to make the walls, corners would be what would secure the logs together by carving out sections where the bottom/top will fit into, without the use of nails. The gaps in between the logs were filled by moss, or with rocks and mud, depending on the time period. The pioneers were the people that started the popularity of the log cabin, when they lived out on the frontier, they didn't have neighbors for miles, so they would have to build their houses with the resources given, usually depending on how wealthy they were. There were many historical figures that lived in a log cabin, like Abraham Lincoln, who actually made his own by himself, Benjamin Banneker, Sue Thomas, and Daniel Boone, being some of them.

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About This Style

The inside of these plain looking houses is usually very open, and filled with natural light from large windows on the back and/or front of the house. These houses are not found in the suburbs or big cities, they will be located in the far out-skirts of some towns, usually in mountains or in the woods. People pay a certain array of money, depending on location (usually from $150,000 - 350,000), to make their own cabin or to buy one already made.