By Summer Mayes Abigail Alonzo

Why Lightning Is So Poplular In Florida

Lightning strikes are so popular in Florida because it is a long piece of land surrounded by warm water and because Florida gets so many thunderstorms.

Policies that prepare for this disaster ?

Meteorologists will give news people a heads up on a thunderstorm and then news people will predict if their is going to be lightning and then they announce it on t.v and on their channel

Be Safe

when its lightning outside don't go outside because there is a great chance that if your by metal it could "charge at your house ".

Lightning strikes

Lightning strikes accur in Florida basically everytime theirs a thunderstorm.

How does the disaster living organisms ?

It affects us by damaging our environment such as other living organisms and frightening them.

Ways to protect and prepare for this weather

You can stay inside when you see bad weather or when on the news channel tell you about the weather. And when the wind is gusting wildly. And how you protect yourself is get away from metal, stay inside , and if your outside be careful.

How is lightning strikes formed

when ever negative and positive charges grow big in a cloud and then create as we know Lightning!!!