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August 30, 2019

Come Walk with Me

This is the image that is hard to get unless you walk the campus day to day. Starting at one end, you might visit the toddler classroom where delicious mac and cheese is being prepared by the chief toddler chef of the day. Then you pop in to the elementary level where snack is set up for two buddies. You catch them fixing bagels and cream cheese together while having a good chat over their morning’s work. And finally you arrive at the Middle School where the cooks are preparing a spaghetti lunch for the whole Upper School and faculty.

Now I ask you: where do you find that on one campus? And bigger question: so what? What difference does it make? Is it important to learn about hand washing before preparing a meal for yourself or others? Is is important to know how to measure just the right amount of an ingredient? Is it important to value preparing ANYTHING from start to finish, whole process (including washing the dishes afterward)? Is it important to create an esthetically pleasant meal environment including flowers on the table? Is it important to care about community and know how to contribute to the well being of others? Is it important to have lived this for some 15-18 years so that it is “part of your bones”?

What difference does it make? Come walk with me someday when you have time. I do this occasionally and am always reminded why we do what we do. I want you to see it too and be reminded why you spend the extra time and money to have your children in a whole Montessori program – start to finish. Come walk with me...

-- Karen Holt, founder

Dates to Remember

Happy Labor Day! Please remember that all programs are closed Monday, September 2 in celebration of the holiday.

September 2 - Labor Day Holiday, all programs closed

September 6 - Daddy-Daughter Dance

September 12 - Toddler One Covered Dish Dinner

September 19 - Toddler Two Covered Dish Dinner

September 26 - Toddler Three Covered Dish Dinner

October 8 - Family, Food, and Philosophy event

October 11 - Early dismissal for professional development, no extended care

October 14-18 - Fall Break, extended day available

Board Notes

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year, families! We are excited for the opportunities this new year brings to our students.

Thank you to our wonderful faculty and staff for a great start to the year! We hear and see the joy of MSA students of all ages as they explore the beautiful environment of their classrooms and broaden their horizons with new learning challenges designed just for them. This truly is a community of joyful scholars!

The board has spent the summer preparing for this school year with upgrades to the fire alarm and security system, upgrades to the IT infrastructure, implementing additional cost-saving measures and ongoing work of various committees to support the school. We are especially grateful to the marketing committee which has hosted and participated in multiple events to spread the word of the great education MSA has to offer. You are a vital part of making that known as well. Do you have a friend or neighbor whose children would benefit from the same wonderful experiences your children have at MSA? Please share with them and encourage them to come see for themselves what MSA has to offer!

Looking forward to connecting with returning as well as new families in the days to come!

MSA Board of Trustees Officers for 2019-20

Jennifer Cline – Chair

KD Mohsseni – Vice-Chair

David Rogers – Treasurer

Chris Simcoe – Secretary

Nurse's Notes - Safety Alert

MSA families and visitors, please share the following information with anyone who may be visiting or picking up your student on the MSA campus. We respectfully request that everyone follows the appropriate traffic flow and refrain from entering the exit at the center of campus. All traffic needs to enter the campus at the entrance closest to the MSA Administration Building. This has become a growing safety concern.

We appreciate your assistance with this matter.

With safest regards,

Susanna Merriman, RN

Daddy Daughter Dance

The Daddy Daughter Dance is this Friday! Join us from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on September 6 at the Anderson County Farmer's Market for a night of fun! Tickets are just $5 per couple and $3 for each additional student and can be purchased in the MSA front office -- call 864-226-5344 for information. The event is open to the public, so invite your friends!
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Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori!

We celebrated Maria Montessori's birthday on Friday with students and faculty encouraged to wear their MSA clothing to campus. Happy birthday, Maria!
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Primary Three

These two students greet each other as they enter the Primary Three classroom. This creates an encouragement for eye contact and kindness towards each other.
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Three-period lessons in Primary are great ways to assess what a child knows. These lessons start with naming, in which the teacher introduces a topic. This is followed by recognizing, where a student is asked to identify the topic. Finally, in remembering, a student demonstrates cognition by being asked to name an object or topic. This student shows off his knowledge in a fun way with Mrs. Kirby as she asks him to superimpose the sandpaper number on her knee Another student maintains their focus on counting the seven-long chain nearby.
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Soccer Shots Shots

Students held one of the first Soccer Shots practices on campus this week. Jaime Emery captured these great shots of the drills.
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Upper Elementary

Students in Upper Elementary worked together to measure and pour water to make grits for a snack and enjoyed a family-style lunch by pulling tables together to eat as a group this week.
The students wrote letters of gratitude to Maria Montessori in celebration of her 149th birthday. They also reviewed types of nouns, using the MSA Peace Pledge and the Pledge of Allegiance to practice identifying them in sentences.


Students in Mrs. Presgraves' Anatomy and Physiology class prepared and presented a lesson for students in the Lower and Upper Elementary classes teaching them about the phospholipid bilayer that surrounds and protects the cells of living organisms. They produced visual references and compared the bilayer to the protection provided by a tent while camping to help the younger students visualize and understand this advanced topic. Click this link to see more photos from the presentations!
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Middle School Lesson Preparation

High School students aren't the only ones that teach younger students at MSA -- in fact, mentoring is one of the basic tenets of the Montessori education philosophy. Students not only mentor the younger students within their own classes, but they serve as teachers and mentors to younger class levels as well. These Middle School students are already hard at work planning their own exciting lesson to present to elementary students later this year.
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First Day Photo Spheres

Middle School and High School students came together to take these fun photo spheres on the first day.
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Yearbook Planning

Students in the High School Yearbook class have been hard at work analyzing previous yearbooks and reference materials to help them decide on a cover design and theme, make font and color choices, lay out this year's yearbook, and prepare to sell ads for the yearbook and the yearbooks themselves. If you are interested in purchasing a business ad for this year's yearbook, please contact There are still copies of last year's yearbook available, but they must be sent back to the factory soon. If you would like to order one, please check in with Jaime at the front desk, email her at, or call 864-226-5344. Sales for this year's yearbook have already started, and you can purchase one today for the lowest price of the year -- just $35! Payment plans are available as well. Contact Jaime or click this link to purchase this year's yearbook today!
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Upper School Trip to Oconee State Park

The Middle and High School classes took a back-to-school bonding trip to Oconee State Park this Friday. Students participated in a variety of activities, including fishing, canoeing, throwing Frisbee, putt putt, and hiking to a waterfall. Click here for more photos from this great time spent together!
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Staff vs. Student Ultimate Frisbee

Students and teachers squared off in a staff against student ultimate Frisbee match last Wednesday during their combined Middle School/High School PE class. Senior Abby Keenan was able to capture these great photos of the event -- see this album for even more!
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