Traditions and Etiquette

Panamanians believe heavily in family. Family plays a very important role in Panamanian society. Families can be recognized as a very broad group of individuals in which a person deeply respects and relies on. The women of Panama usually play the role of raising the children and completing domestic chores. However, more women have been joining the workforce in Panama. Ethnic toleration is very common, as Panama is the most ethnically integrated country of Central America.

Landforms and Climate

  • Landforms
Panama is covered with thick forests and has many hills. Panama is split into two regions, in terms of elevation and in terms of the Panama canal which literally divides the country in half. The eastern side is home to the mountains of San Blas which is the largest mountain range of Panama. The western side of Panama is home to the Tabasara mountains. Panama has many islands on the pacific coast.

  • Climate
Panama's climate differs depending on the elevation of the land. The highlands receive much rainfall as well as the lowlands. The lowlands however are covered with tropical rain forests. The land in between these two elevations is know as the temperate lands which are very fertile and home to most of the agriculture in Panama.

Food and Holidays

  • Food
Panamanian food is mostly hot and spicy. Some popular meals to eat are marinated fish called ceviche and stew made from chicken, meat and vegetables called sancocho. As a snack, Panamanians enjoy fried plantains, and tamales wrapped using banana skins.

  • Holidays
Panama celebrates Independence Day on November 4th in which their freedom from Colombia is recognized. This day is celebrated with parades and fireworks.

Every year on October 21st, The Festival of the Black Christ is celebrated. This celebration takes place in the town of Portobelo where many people come together and worship a black wooden statue of their patron saint, Jesus. The statue is carried around by 8 men and is brought back to the church by midnight. At the church people dance, sing and feast all night long.

Compatibility Rating

In my opinion Panama and the United State have many differences but have a few similarities. Family is a lot more important than it is in the United States and Panama's official language is Spanish. Women are usually seen in both countries to do the domestic chores and raise children and in both countries the men have started to help with those tasks.

When it comes to the land and climate Panama has much less land than the United States and receives much more rainfall. Tropical forests and high temperatures year round also differentiate Panama and the United States. Some parts of the United States do have dense forest but nothing like Panama's very common tropical rain forest. Mountains however are a trait in which both countries share.

Panamanian food seems to be more traditional than the United States. Both countries do celebrate an independence day the same way, recognizing the same idea.

I would give Panama and the United States a compatibility rating of a C.