How Countries Use Their Resources

Katie Dicicco

Some Countries and Their Imports/Exports

Earth has many natural resources, which are found all over the world. Some places have a bigger supply than others. South American and Middle Eastern countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have the most oil reserves. They use this oil for gas and exporting. The oil is also a nonrenewable resource and is being used more and more, so that means the oil might run out sooner.
Fossil fuels are another nonrenewable resource we use for energy. The U.S. uses the most fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are fuels used from the remains, or fossils, of plants and animals. To use them, we burn them, which pollutes the atmosphere. The U.S. has the largest supply and uses more than any other country.
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Another energy source that we use is Nuclear Energy. While the U.S. has nuclear energy and uses it quite a bit, another country wants their hand at being big and bad with the dangerous energy source: North Korea. Nuclear energy is harmful because of the radiation. X-ray radiation is very harmful to the human body. Small amounts once a year or less is alright, but more than that could have ghastly consequences.
We don't just use bad energy sources. We have renewable energy sources too: Solar, water, wind, biomass and geothermal. The U.S. has been working on trying to get people to use solar energy for several years.